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Executive Committee

Chair: Liz Moran; 315-247-2008, lmoran

Vice Chair: Chris Rossi; chrisnicky

Vice Chair: Corey Mosher; 315-750-9035, mosher.corey

Treasurer: Suzy McRae; suzyemcrae

Secretary: Kristi Andersen; andersen

Region 1 Vice Chair: Dave Holmes; dholmes7

     (Region 1 = Towns of Cazenovia, DeRuyter, Fenner, Georgetown, Nelson)

Region 2 Vice Chair: Bruce Moseley; bmmoseley

     (Region 2 = Towns of Brookfield, Eaton, Hamilton, Lebanon, Madison, Smithfield)

Region 3 Vice Chair: Carolyn Hall; hallcarolynj

     (Region 3 = City of Oneida and Town of Stockbridge)

Region 4 Vice Chair: Rhonda Fibiger; rhondafibe

      (Region 4 = Towns of Lenox, Lincoln, Sullivan)

Chair, Fundraising and Events Committee: Laura Martino; lauramartino45

Chair, Communications Committee: Kathy Zahler; 607-279-6829, kzahler

Chair, Candidate Recruitment & Campaign Support Committee; John Nichols; 315-525-8689,       pgrove2

Chair, Membership Committee: Kelly Gardner Williamson; kellizg84

State Committee: Tammy Hayes; 315-480-5679, thayes11252

State Committee: Roger Saltman; 315-655-4115, rls30

Past Chair: Mike Oot; attymoot


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